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Introduction To Moisture Diagnostics

The purpose of conducting a moisture diagnostics survey is to determine if the underlying roof insulation has been compromised due to water infiltrating the roof assembly. The information provided by a scan helps determine whether a roof needs complete replacement, partial replacement, restoration, or simply preventative maintenance. In this way, resources can be focused where they are needed.

Infrared Technology

Infrared Technology measures thermal capacitances. Thermal capacitances is the physical property of a material’s ability to store heat. The materials in roof assemblies have a relatively low thermal capacitance when dry. Water however, requires much energy to raise it’s temperature and also must release much energy to cool. Dry roof insulation heats up and cools down faster than wet roof insulation, thus, the camera will show heat signatures of wet insulation that are much higher than the signature of dry insulation. These scan types are limited to certain roof types and weather conditions.

Nuclear Scanning

Nuclear scanning uses a principle called neutron moderation. Tiny amounts of radiation can be used to detect hydrogen ions within a roof assembly. Neutrons emitted from the gauge’s fully contained source collide with the neutrons of hydrogen, slowing their travel. The gauge detects the changes in speed and can accurately identify moisture damage deep within the roof assembly. Because water contains hydrogen, higher count values will be observed when moisture is present. This can occur when there are changes in membrane thickness or insulation thickness.

Physical verification is performed following the detection of anomalies from the infrared nuclear inspection. This involves using an electronic moisture sensitive probe to examine the surfacing, felts, insulation, vapor barrier and the deck in all suspected areas.

Inspection Certification

Our staff is certified by American Portable Nuclear Gauge Association and is properly registered to preform nuclear scans. BMC employs Level 1 Thermographers to preform Infrared surveys.

Moisture Probe

Infrared Photo

Nuclear Gauge In Operation

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